Bath-based Pure Planet to plant trees for staff this Christmas

Bath-based Pure Planet to plant trees for staff this Christmas

Posted on: 11 Dec 2019

The renewable energy company have thought up a sustainable approach to giving this Christmas.


In a time of climate crisis, and as we approach one of the most wasteful times of the year, Pure Planet have announced that they'll be giving each of their 80 members of staff a tree for Christmas.


In a bid to reduce waste and CO2 levels, the company will be giving their staff the option to plant a tree at home, in a local community space or in a sustainable forest. According to official government climate advisers, the UK needs to plant 1.5 billion more trees to restore its wildlife.

Pure Planet co-founder Steven Day.

The 80 trees are to be purchased by Pure Planet via the Woodland Trust site, with staff able to choose the species of tree they'd like planted. What's more, the team plan to extend the scheme into the new year, with new employees to be given a tree when they start work at the company. 


Steven Day, co-founder of Pure Planet, says the decision to gift trees this year was driven by a desire to cut down on needless waste. "So many offices opt for a Secret Santa at Christmas, which often accumulates pointless stocking fillers that ultimately end up in landfill after the festive period.


"We decided enough was enough with the pointless plastic gifts, so opted instead to give all our staff trees for Christmas," he continued.


"The reaction has been very positive - we urge other companies to ditch plastics and think about encouraging sustainable giving this Christmas."

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