Marillion announce special orchestral show at The Bath Forum as part of 2019 UK tour

Marillion announce special orchestral show at The Bath Forum as part of 2019 UK tour

Posted on: 16 Oct 2018

Here's one for the well-organised among you: British post-punk rockers Marillion have announced a special orchestral tour for November 2019, with a performance at The Bath Forum on Saturday 9th November as part of the 13-date run. Tickets for the show are on sale at 10am on Friday 19th October - book yours asap then await that magical realisation in a year's time that the gig is finally on the horizon!



Marillion 2019 UK Tour.

Deftly combining a particularly distinctive sound which combines experimental rock infused with evocative instrumentation and politically-charged lyrics, the group has released 18 albums over 38 years.


Regularly hailed and revered for defying musical expectations and pigeon-holing, their musical approach and sound might be hard to pin down - arguably making them one of the more intriguing, unpredictable bands on the scene -  but that hasn't stopped them being compared to the not-inconsiderable likes of Talk Talk, Van der Graaf Generator and Pink Floyd. 


After nearly 40 years in the industry you might be forgiven for thinking the members of Marillion might start applying the brakes and looking forward to their twilight pension years. Not a chance, with the recent release of their latest album re-establishing their position as pioneers of the prog-rock scene and being hailed as their best in 20 years. Playing alongside a full orchestra is likely to treat audiences to the most unique live renditions of Marillion's best-loved tracks since the band's beginnings.

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