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Posted on: 2017-09-19

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We all spend too much time running around being busy and it's important to take a break every now and again to recharge our batteries. This spa experience left me feeling invigorated, on a natural high and ready for my next challenges. I'll be back!

Ask anyone in Bath to tell you a place where you can relax and they are bound to think of the Thermae Bath Spa, which now also features a new wellness suite that opened in the spring this year.

Georgian Steam Room at Thermae Bath Spa

Having just spent the day there with a friend, I can definitely see why locals and tourists flock to this haven which is Britain's only natural themed spa. The experience you get from spending some time in this place is one of complete well-being of both body and mind; I didn't realise how powerful the experience would feel and I instantly felt at peace when I got in my robe and slippers and sat by one of the pools in the building.

The whole setting is very inviting and I especially liked the open-air rooftop pool as well as the wellness suite; this new area is a multi-sensory facility and features several individual experiences - such as an infrared sauna, aroma steam rooms and an astral relaxation room.

It is quite the experience to bathe in the naturally warm, mineral rich waters at this gem of a place and there's a truly fascinating history behind its apparent healing properties. According to legend, it was Prince Bladud who first realised the water could do us humans the world of good back in 863BC when his skin disease was said to be cured after he bathed in the liquid.

It does remain a mystery when it comes to the actual source of the waters but that's part of the charm of this wonderful place. I loved reading about how the thermal waters contain over 42 different minerals (including calcium and chloride) and it had a positive impact on how I felt in the pools.

Early morning on the rooftop at Thermae Bath Spa

The great thing about Thermae is that you can really make a day of it. If you want to do more than just enjoy a couple of hours in the spa (which costs £35 Monday to Friday and £38 Saturday to Sunday), then there's a large range of treatments you can choose from and you may also want to have lunch/dinner in the Springs Cafe Restaurant.

I was personally very impressed with the restaurant as they easily catered to my many dietary needs and provided gluten and dairy free options. Many teas, pastries, cakes and nibbles are on offer and there are some filling lunches if you feel really hungry (like the delicious chicken breast main course that I had).

The range of treatments are too long to list but you can take a look at what's on offer here; you may also want to use the Cross Bath - which is an intimate, open-air thermal bath that is a completely separate building. The Cross Spring is recognised as an official sacred site and struck me as a fantastic place to have a private party like a hen do or a special birthday celebration.

Thermae Bath Spa

I can honestly say that I will be definitely going back to this spa again (next on my list is the Twilight Experience package - hint to the husband!) and am already thinking about the different people I can treat with some vouchers.

We all spend too much time running around being busy and it's important to take a break every now and again to recharge our batteries - that's a must for the soul. This spa experience left me feeling invigorated, on a natural high and ready for my next challenges.

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