Thaikhun - Bath Food Review

Posted on: 2016-11-17

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Both delicious meals, succulent, not over cooked and not over salted - so often the trouble with street food. Thai food is noted for its heat so do ask for whatever level of chilli you desire.

I live in Bath and I, like other Bathonian’s, wonder what surprises the new Southgate area will have for us and for folk just getting off the train to enjoy a visit. Well here is one – Thaikhun, an unusual ‘Thai street food’ restaurant. I went along to review it:



A fun Tuk Tuk (Thai taxi) greets you at the entrance and, once done with your obligatory selfie, you enter a bright and upbeat place reminiscent of a street market. A golden Buddha sits at the door but after that Thaikhun is refreshingly different from traditional Thai restaurants. There is plenty of seating space and a sense that whole families, including children, might enjoy this colourful and informal experience.

Thaikhun - Bath

We enjoyed three courses, with main dishes ranging from £8.00 to £20. The menu offers familiar green or red Thai curries and stir fries as well as a wide range of different fish, meat and vegetarian options. For starters we enjoyed, Tod Man Pla, sweet and sticky little fish cakes, and we also tried Por Pia Sod - wonderfully light prawn rolls - which sounds very run of the mill but really worked as a cooling and refreshing appetizer. For the mains I enjoyed Sea Bass barbecued in banana leaf with lemon grass, which I have never seen offered elsewhere in this country; and a green curry with roast duck. Both delicious, succulent, not over cooked and not over salted (so often the trouble with street food). Thai food is noted for its heat so do ask for whatever level of chilli you desire.

Thaikhun - Bath

Now, I’m not a dessert person but as this style of food is not generally fattening I felt tempted by banana fritters, again not unusual, but somehow fresh, prepared to order and lifted to a new level with a scoop of the unusual - green tea ice cream. I love the contrast of hot and cold, sweet and ever so slightly bitter. But I have to say my Pandanus leaf panna cotta made me purr with satisfaction, with its delicate, slightly perfumed taste. Added to this, it all looked so beautiful, served on complimentary coloured dishes.

Thaikhun - Bath

The service was swift and friendly and I noticed that there was a very reasonable childrens' menu -  £5.95 for 3 courses, with all ingredients clearly explained. That and the offer of ‘free creepy crawlies with every meal’ made me determined to return soon, with a child.




Atmosphere 5/5

Service 5/5

Food 4/5

Value 4/5


Address: Ground Floor Unit, Block E/F Little Southgate, Bath BA1 1AQ. Check out Thaikhun's website here and you can find them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Vicky Vatcher

Vicky is involved with the local arts community, teaching performing arts and also writing theatre/circus reviews. She's been living and happily eating her way round Bath for 12 years. And in her words "I mean to go on as I started!"