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Posted on: 2017-05-13

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Nowhere else in Bath offers the fabulous mixture of perfect Spanish tapas, a sherry bar and a garden for summer nights

It’s been open for a matter of weeks and Pintxo, the new Spanish tapas bar in Bath, has become one of the most popular foodie spots in the city. They probably didn’t expect that as soon as they opened their doors they would be rushed off their feet, but we have no doubt that they’re happy with how the people of Bath have received their new restaurant. We went along recently to see what the buzz is all about...

Pintxo - Bath

We got there early and were the first people in the restaurant on this weekday night. It was lovely and quiet, but that didn’t last long as within one hour it was packed full and people were struggling to find tables to sit at. For a weekday night it was hardcore evidence of how much people are loving this new place already. The owners Mark and Teresa are smiley and welcoming as you come through the door, clearly appreciative of everyone who decides to dine with them when there is such a huge choice of restaurants in Bath.

Pintxo - Bath

As we waited for food the waft of freshly baked bread from The Thoughtful Bread Co next door, helps in keeping you hungry and eager to chow down. The rustic wooden flooring, chairs and stalls gives it an exotic feel, and with the Spanish music playing and the authentic ornaments, we really felt like we were on holiday in San Sebastian.

Pintxo - Bath

There’s a mixture of freshly-made hot and cold tapas on the menu, and we decided to share five tapas dishes between the two of us which ended up being the perfect amount; filling but not too much.

Pintxo - Bath

From the cold plates we chose Piquillo peppers filled with tuna and onion mayo (£4.50), air-cured ox beef ham salad, grated goat’s cheese, pine nuts, sherry vinegar and balsamic dressing (£6.50), and lastly the cured Manchego cheese, blossom honey and quince jelly (£6). All absolutely delicious, flavoursome and couldn’t be faulted at all. The cured Manchego cheese was my favourite as the honey made it sweet and it was the most beautifully presented. The freshness of the Spanish-inspired ingredients, especially the hams and the cheeses, shined through and were spectacularly tasty.

Pintxo - Bath

From the hot plates we opted for lamb skewer grilled in Basque spices (£6), and spider crab and saffron croquettes (£7). Again completely faultless. The lamb was tender and the croquettes were gooey and full of a variety of flavours with a wonderful cheesy topping.

Pintxo - Bath

To really get the full experience we highly recommend you try the sherry, especially the popular Pedro Ximenez which is very sweet with notes of raisin, fig and caramel; divine with the cheesy tapas dishes in particular.


Pintxo are soon to open their special sherry garden, within the next week, and it’s perfect timing for the warm summer evenings ahead. There’s nowhere else in Bath that offers the fabulous mixture of top service, perfect food, a sherry bar and a garden to enjoy it all in, so it’s no wonder Pintxo has proved so popular so quickly.



Atmosphere 5/5

Service 5/5

Food 5/5

Value 5/5


Address: 31 Barton Street, Bath BA1 1HG. Check out Pintxo's website here and find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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