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Posted on: 2016-11-24

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The new burger restaurant, Handmade Burger Co, has only been open for a month in Bath. There are locations around the UK, but we went along to try the food in the Bath restaurant and see how well it fits into the city’s food scene. Read on for the review:



At first glance the restaurant looks understated and you would be forgiven for walking right past it. Upon entering the restaurant it was clear things were pretty busy and slightly manic, but that is probably owed to the fact that it’s a new business trying to find its feet in a new place. Although no one ran up to say hello and seat us, we were served by the lovely manager who was eager to give her recommendations of what to eat. After all, it’s quite difficult to pick what you want out of 40 burgers on the menu. Yes 40, including about 8 vegetarian options. A burger-lovers heaven, but for someone who’s quite indecisive like me, it was a little overwhelming at first. As soon as I saw the mention of halloumi, I was sold. The squeaky cheese is one of my favourites but I’ve never had it served like it was here. I’ll talk about this later but first, for the burgers…

Hawaiian burger at Handmade Burger Co - Bath

Hawaiian is what you might order from a pizza place right? Well I was so intrigued by the thought of it in burger version that this is what I ordered. It’s new to the menu and it’s a chicken burger with grilled pineapple, mature cheddar, smoked bacon, mango salsa, mayo, lettuce, tomato and red onion. It was as tasty as I had hoped. It could have done with more mango salsa, as there wasn’t much, but it tasted as fresh as it was – all burgers are made fresh to order. The combination of pineapple with bacon and chicken was quite surprisingly delicious, not weird at all! The best thing about Handmade Burger Co is that their burgers are customisable, so if you like the sound of the Hawaiian but you hate bacon or mango salsa for example, then you can just ask for it without the ingredients you don’t like! Vice versa, you can add other ingredients to your burger too, to make a unique and delicious concoction just for yourself.



My dining partner had the Mexican burger, which has handmade Mexican salsa, hand crushed avocado, fresh tortilla chips, jalapenos, chipotle sauce, lettuce, tomato and red onion. If you like spicy food, this one's for you, although you can ask for the burger minus the jalepenos if you're not too keen. The tortilla chips combined with the other fillings made for various textures in each bite which was unusual but worked. Unlike burgers in many other restaurants, these burgers don't feel greasy at all because they're so fresh and because of this they also don't feel heavy on your stomach. They're around £9 each, so although they're a little steep the quality of the food matches the price.

Mexican burger at Handmade Burger Co - Bath

So, those amazing halloumi bites I mentioned earlier. The deep fried chunks of cheese are served with a mango dip. I’ve had halloumi in many restaurants but this is the best I’ve ever had, because the contrast of the cheese’s saltiness and the dip’s sweetness was divine. It’s a side, and although you could share it I was more than happy to eat it all myself. Other sides that were delectable were the ‘pit wings’ which you can order in two different flavours, spicy or barbecue, their description on the menu could make your mouth water – “Our BBQ chicken wings, marinated for up to 48 hours & smothered in a choice of Hot sauce or Pit BBQ sauce”. They really were smothered in delicious sauce and the spicy ones weren’t too eye watering, they had just enough flavour. 

Halloumi bites with mango dip at Handmade Burger Co - Bath

If all that wasn’t enough, and you love choice, there are six different kinds of chips, not including sweet potato fries. The regular freshly cut chips are cooked well and with several sauces to choose from, there’s something for everyone! Because of this huge amount of choice, groups and parties would especially find Handmade Burger Co fun. The restaurant is tucked away on Upper Borough Walls, just off from the main shopping streets, but if you walk right past it you’ll be missing out.




Atmosphere 4/5

Service 3/5

Food 5/5

Value 5/5


Address: 10 Upper Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1RG. Check out Handmade Burger Co's website here and you can find them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

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