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Posted on: 2017-08-09

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A new foodie experience is sweeping the city of Bath and it's big, red, and oh so tasty!

A new foodie experience is sweeping the city of Bath and it's big, red, and oh so tasty! It's the afternoon tea bus tour. Yes that's right, afternoon tea which you eat while you're being driven around on a big red bus. We went on one to see what it's really like.

Brigit's Bakery - Bath (Photo credit: Safia Yallaoui)

We weren't sure what to expect, seeing as afternoon tea on a bus is brand new to Bath and has been brought to the city all thanks to Brigit's Bakery. The company was first set up in the luxurious area of Covent Garden in London, and there they started the afternoon tea bus and boat tours. It's no wonder Bath was chosen as the next place to open, thanks to the beautiful touristic sights, much like London, and the boats on the River Avon.

Brigit's Bakery - Bath (Photo credit: Safia Yallaoui)

When we turned into Laura Place and saw the big red bus waiting for us, it was fun to think we were going to be eating on it whilst gazing at the sights of our amazing city. As soon as we got on the bus the friendly and funny staff were welcoming and showed us where our table was (there are tables upstairs and downstairs). We couldn't believe our eyes when we got to our table upstairs as the inside of the bus was almost unrecognisable as a form of public transport that you would use for your morning commute in London. The decorative rose garlands, and a pink theme, made it a girl's haven. Feel free to drag your husband or boyfriend along though, as they'll definitely enjoy the food.

Brigit's Bakery - Bath (Photo credit: Safia Yallaoui)

As the bus took off we delved into the fabulous looking food and were not disappointed. The sandwiches and cakes were made fresh by Brigit's Bakery and it was explained to us that they are a mixture of British and French tastes. The 'sandwiches' were so much more than your average ham and cheese concoction; there was salmon rainbow brioche with soft cheese, cucumber and mint finger sandwich, chicken and sun-dried tomato focaccia, the Italian pretzel with parmigiano and quiche lorraine with pork. Every single one was absolutely scrumptious, and so unique.

Brigit's Bakery - Bath (Photo credit: Safia Yallaoui)

Along the way we were driven past many of Bath's famous areas including The Royal Crescent, Queen Square and The Circus, while cheerful old music played and a voice over the speakers told us about the history of the city. It was a bit of a bumpy ride, as Bath is on a hill, so it did feel quite strange eating such a delicate meal while being bumped around, but it was a new experience and it was nice to be able to look down at people walking around the city while we had the luxury of being driven about!

Brigit's Bakery - Bath (Photo credit: Safia Yallaoui)

A variety of teas are offered as part of the meal, including Earl Grey and Green teas, and they are served in a trendy Brigit's Bakery flask so that it doesn't spill everywhere while the bus is moving. A very clever idea.

Brigit's Bakery - Bath (Photo credit: Safia Yallaoui)

On to the best bit (in our opinion), the sweets and cakes. The rainbow of delectable delights had been staring at us this whole time and finally when we got our gnashers round them we were in sweet heaven. There was lemon meringue pie, vanilla crème pattisierre cherry, vanilla macaroon, summer berries shot, exotic compote and a chocolate mini cupcake. You could tell that everything was made fresh because it was so tasty, nothing was bland or stale. Our favourites were the lemon meringue pie which was bittersweet, as well as the vanilla macaroon.

Brigit's Bakery - Bath (Photo credit: Safia Yallaoui)

Before we got to the end of our journey, we were given a fresh scone that was still warm, along with clotted cream and jam. It was the perfect end to a fun and interesting foodie experience.


The afternoon tea bus tour is from £38 to £59 per person and should be booked in advance via the website. There are gluten free, vegetarian and halal food options.



Atmosphere 5/5

Service 5/5

Food 5/5

Value 5/5


Bakery address: Pulteney Bridge, 17 Argyle Street, Bath BA2 4BQ. Check out the Brigit's Bakery website here and find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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