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Posted on: 2017-04-19

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Gorgeously delicious French classics are served alongside a selection of international dishes in a chic setting

Bistrot Pierre is located at the top of stylish Milsom Street, next door to many other restaurants but it stands out because of its chic look and unique menu. We knew it would be good but we had no idea how good it would be until we sat down to a wonderful array of food. Read on for our review:

Bistrot Pierre - Bath

Much like the wardrobe to Narnia, Bistrot Pierre deceives you with how small it looks from the outside. Once we stepped inside we were in awe of how big the restaurant actually is and how far back it stretches as a building. There are so many tables that when it gets a little busy it has a great atmosphere because there are so many groups of people having a fun time. We were sat in between a family enjoying some amazing looking burgers, and what seemed to be a hen night or a girly get-together. It was nice to feel the fun in the room and kept us in good spirits while we waited for our food to arrive. The chic feel of the place is also helped by the lovely glass ornaments and vases around, and the large mirrors covering the walls.

Bistrot Pierre - Bath

For starters we ordered a whole baked Camembert to share, which came with lots of sourdough bread, some gherkins to dip, and red onion confiture (a chutney). We thought it would be the best and most suitable start to a French dining experience and it sure was. As it was a whole Camembert it was enough for 3 or 4 people to share, which for the price tag of only £9.95 is a bargain. The cheese was gorgeously gooey and there was plenty to fill us up before our main course. It was so hard to stop eating it because it was that delicious and moreish. 

Bistrot Pierre - Bath

Although it is a French restaurant they do offer a few dishes from other cuisines, like the Moroccan spiced slow-cooked shoulder of lamb my dining partner enjoyed for mains, on the menu as 'Epaule d’agneau à la Marocaine' (£15.95). The lamb was tender and it was all cooked perfectly, but it could have done with some spice as the taste of Harissa was a no-show. As a meal it was enjoyable though because the lamb was served with pearl cous cous, toasted pine nuts, dried apricots and mint yogurt dressing.

Bistrot Pierre - Bath

I chose a main course from the pre-theatre menu which offers two courses for £14.95. The sound of the Porc Sauce Béarnaise took my fancy, because Béarnaise is usually rich and creamy. I wasn’t left disappointed because it was exactly that, and the bacon bits on top were a lovely contrast with the taste and texture of the rest of the dish. The saltiness of the bacon only made the whole dish even more rich and flavoursome. The portion size was small, but as it was so filling it’s no wonder! It also came with a side of lovely crunchy roasted vegetables and some potatoes, to make it feel more like a complete meal.

Bistrot Pierre - Bath

The dessert menu was quite unique and extensive. We chose the passion fruit posset topped with a crumble crunch (£5.50) and the Frangipane tart (£5.75). We were astounded by the beautiful flavours in both desserts and didn’t want to stop eating them. They were both without a doubt some of the best desserts we’ve ever had.


The fact that I would happily go back just to order the dessert should tell you how fabulous the food was, and paired with the chatty friendly service, it’s really something else. I can’t believe I didn’t go sooner!



Atmosphere 5/5

Service 5/5

Food 5/5

Value 4/5


Address: 4 Princes Buildings, George Street, Bath BA1 2ED. Check out Bistrot Pierre's website here and find them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Safia Yallaoui - Editor

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