Nepalese restaurant in Bath

Yak Yeti Yak opened in Bath in 2004. No one had attempted to open a purely Nepalese restaurant in the UK before so it was a bit of a leap into the unknown. With none of the typical tandoori on the menu, and the lack of an experienced chef, they were determined to do things a little differently.

As guides in Nepal the team had cooked for colleagues and clients who were very complimentary of their traditional, ‘non-touristy’, style of food. They felt there had to be room in Bath for a relaxed informal restaurant serving fresh home cooked food, albeit from a different culture. Thankfully the people of Bath agreed, and Yak Yeti Yak quickly became established as one of Bath's most popular restaurants. With recognition from critics and inclusion in the Good Food Guide, they eventually outgrew their little cellar in Argyle Street.

In 2007 they found their current location in Pierrepont Street, tucked in the basement of 3 listed 18th Century town houses with bags of character, several small dining areas, courtyard gardens and the one thing they didn’t have in Argyle Street – space. After months of renovation they opened the doors and said a fond farewell to Argyle Street.

Yak Yeti Yak specialise in authentic Nepalese food just as it is prepared in Nepal with family favourites standing alongside classic dishes on the menu. That said, they are not slaves to tradition either so you will find contemporary dishes of their own on the menu too.

They source ingredients locally as far as possible, preferring to buy from small independent traders when available, the key to Nepalese food is freshness so it makes sense to buy local.  When they can't buy local we go to the other extreme importing from Nepal, this involves travelling to Nepal to source ingredients themselves visiting tea gardens, coffee plantations and picking up unique Nepalese herbs and spices along the way.


Opening Hours:

Monday - Thursday 12.00-14.00 / 18.00-22.30

Friday & Saturday 12.00-1400 / 17.00-22.30

Sunday 12.00-14.00 / 18.00-22.00

Where to find us