Bath's fantastic fringe theatre dedicated to the daring

Home to local enthusiasts, acclaimed performers and more; The Rondo Theatre is a fantastic, fully-accessible fringe theatre driven by a passion for local community and performing arts.


Unique, intimate and quaint; this iconic venue plays host to a variety of acts, whether that be brand-new theatre companies presenting their first theatrical offerings, or primed, returning collectives armed with much acclaim. It’s one of the nation’s busiest small theatres, with over 80 companies visiting every year! It’s a remarkable venue without the pretention – a perfect combination.

Performance at The Rondo Theatre

Situated Larkhall’s accessible shopping centre, The Rondo Theatre offers an intimate performative experience; with 105 seats positioned close to the stage, a quality programme of events from comedy to period drama to music, and a fully-stocked bar (yep – at The Rondo Theatre you can drink throughout the show!)


Founded in 1989 by The Rondo Trust (Registered Charity), the Theatre has become a destination of local performing arts talent and has since received lottery grants to establish its presence in the theatrical arts scene further. It’s a project driven by volunteers and fuelled my performative dedication!

From the City Centre, the venue is just a short drive away, situated in Larkhall. More information on travel can be found here. 


Would you like to bring a show to The Rondo Theatre? You can! Both the stage and the venue’s fabulous rehearsal room can be hired at fantastic rates. 


Hire on a per day or per week basis can get your company reign on the Theatre’s fully equipped, 105-seat, small-scale theatre, including full use of the large heated dressing room, a fully staffed licensed bar within the auditorium, and more! Further information can be found here. 

Rondo Drama Club! Woohoo!
They're training the next generation of young performers with the Rondo Drama Club! Rondo Drama Club is a unique experience for ages 7 - 15.


Children are encouraged to share their creative ideas, used to then devise a totally original play. Improvisation, rehearsal and, finally, performance: it's all happening at this club! What's more, sessions are run by Paulo Baigent; an experienced theatre director, educator and drama workshop leader. More information can be found here. 

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