Live escape games and mystery tours

Bathescape in Bath is a uniquely immersive game which sees visitors locked in a room, trying to escape.

Armed only with a walkie-talkie and a notepad, you must decipher clues, read between the lines, and explore an underground network of rooms in order to escape - and you only have one hour to do so!

Teams of up to 6 people can play the two different games, the original escape room, or a haunted house themed room which is a little easier. Bathescape also offer walking tour games where a murder mystery must be solved using the clues dotted around the historic Bath city centre. You can read our review of the original escape room here. 

If you want something a little bit different to do for a birthday, stag/hen night, team building day, or just a rainy day activity - Bathescape is perfect. With prices ranging from £59 - £89 you will be given complementary tea, coffee and biscuits if you make it out in time, and a chance to explore the quaint little tearoom above. 

Check out their website here, for more details.

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